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My Little Mouse



American / Atlanta, GA
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Your confused; You wonder why Dakota read such a weird poem to you, and Dakota says you'll understand in just a few moments. She tells you "You're in for a treat... WE BOTH ARE!" then she looks at her watch and countdown 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1!!! Dakota laughs at you as you are suddenly feeling weird and She says "We have ignition!" . Your slowly transforming and she describes the changes to you. During the change Dakota keeps making little mouse poses and mouse faces at you to make fun of you and to show you what you look like. Dakota tells you what she sees. First Dakota sees your upper lip start to puff out and then pop pop pop! Whiskers start sprouting out of your face like crazy!. Next your teeth grow into big mouse teeth. your nose starts to grow out and then you have a full mouse muzzle on your face. Your ears grow bigger and rounder and soon you have full mouse ears. Your hands and feet then start to turn into mouse paws. Dakota then tells you to turn around so she can see your butt, and she describes the long mouse tail growing out. Then she sees the soft grey fur growing out all over your body. Finally at the you shrink down down down to mouse size. Your a full mouse and there is no going back. Now if your a good mouse Dakota will let you stay as a pet, but if you cause any trouble or try to bite, she'll throw you outside where you'll spend the rest of your short life scavenging for seeds and crumbs and hiding from all the cats, hawks, snakes, and other predators out there. Hopefully it won't come to that.