I Use Men

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Let's get a few things straight here. You Exist to be USED. You are INFERIOR. Your thoughts and opinions DO NOT Matter to Me. I Don't care about you. You are Nothing but an Object, A Toy to be USED for My Entertainment. What Entertains Me? Well, Your CASH of course. I speak from My Heart when I tell you ALL this. ALL that matters is ME. I'm Selfish, Snobby, Bitchy, Mean, Cruel, Bratty and Greedy as Fuck. I USE MEN and I'm going to USE YOU. I Only want Something from you that's if you have what I want. What do I want? I want your BIG FAT JUICY WALLET. I only see $$$ Dollar Signs when I look at you. I will USE you ALL up with NO PITY. Then, I'll toss you to the side when you're all USED UP and move onto the next Victim. The only way to Gain this Goddess's Attention is to SPEND and to KEEP SPENDING. Otherwise there's just NO place for you in My Kingdom. ********>>>Clip Features: Financial Domination, Money Fetish, Mean Girl, Brat Girl, Cruel, Bitch, Dehumanization, Domination, Temptress, Seductress, Female Domination, Manipulatrix