Custom smoking and cheating on husband

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Emmas Secret Life

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blue_ironman Jul 9 2016
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The scenario and roleplay in this one are great. Emma does an amazing job with all her usual sexiness and smoking hotness, but the authentic feel of the scenario makes it all even better. Love watching her get undressed and then dressed again at the beginning and end of it. Another GREAT video from her!

(This was a custom video. I do use the name Kyle in the video. If you would like a custom VIDEO email me at We are long time best friends at you and your husband's annual costume party. At the peak of the party you covertly grab my hand and lead me to your bedroom; locking the door and sitting on the bed across from me; You are nervous but build up the courage to talk to me about how you've noticed me watching you smoke and you know I get off on it.(Flirtatiously applying clear lips gloss to your lips before you seductively light a Slim 120 cigarette). You smile and want to tell me a secret... You have a smoking fetish too but have never told anyone, not even your husband.Telling me as you lean in closely and intimately all about how your fetish started and how whenever you smoke, you get so turned on when someone watches you. You smoke in front of me for a little while, captivating me; you smirk with anaughty idea. You stand up and begin to sloooowly undress to your sexy sheer lingerie as you smoke and flirt with me. Encouraging me to take out my cock and touch myself while you watch and smoke. This will be our little secret.. You want to control the speed of my touching, when you inhale and exhale, I go slow but when you dangle the cigarette from your beautiful lips, I get to go fast...We start to lose ourselves in the cigarette and the excitement of getting caught... You gently remove each of your beautiful breasts from your sheer bra and caress them as we play your smoking game. You are excited and feel yourself getting wet. Slipping off your panties, you bend over spreading your amazing ass and swollen pussy as the cigarette dangles from your lips. You get comfortable on the bed and rub the cigarette filter against your clit... relaxing into the thrill of controlling me with your smoke. You continue to masturbate and we cum together as you continue to control me with your smoking...We share a post climax cigarette..wondering why we never did this before.-12 min HD video-Mention my name (kyle) though the video.-Misty 120 cigarettes.-Light af resh cigarette after it's half gone.-real orgasm