Win/Win Tease & Denial II : Lipstick


Mandy Flores

American / Washington state
13:09 min - May 10 2016 - .MP4 - 735.60 MB


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Another round of "Win/Win Tease & Denial" Get on your knees and once you begin stroking you are not allowed to stop and if you cum you'll pay a hefty penalty. Your cock and balls belong to me and Im going to make it almost impossible not to cum so everytime you stop storking its a penalty and when you do cum its even more money for me. I know you'll edge over and over when I tease you with my perfect lips and mouth. When I tell you stroke faster you must stroke faster and not stop.. It’s the ultimate tease and denial to show your dedication to me. You like my little games, slave? Stroke it harder for me, harder and faster slave and you are not allowed to stop now, it will cost you either way slave, it's a win win for me! I'm going to make you beg me slave, you know you can't resist me. ....Mandy Flores INCLUDES: LIPSTICK FETISH - ORGASM CONTROL - ORGASM DENIAL - TEASE & DENIAL - EDGING GAMES - LIPS – TONGUE - FEMDOM POV - FINANCIAL DOMINATION - GODDESS WORSHIP