Fat Fuck Loser! Foot Mandy Flores


Mandy Flores

American / Washington state
11:07 min - May 11 2016 - .MP4 - 804.08 MB


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You are nothing but a fat fucking pig. A LOSER!! You jerk off to being humiliated. You are so pathetic, you get off to just feet while being degraded. You love being called a fucking pig. A fat disgusting slob. What's even more low, is that you love my fatty chant and your little dick gets so hard once I start singing your piggy song. Fat fuck loserrrrr, you're a fat fuck loooooser, fatty, fatty, fat fuck loser!! ....Mandy Flores INCLUDES: FOOT - FOOT FETISH - VERBAL- WEIGHT- SOLES - BARE FEET - BRAT GIRLS - FOOT DOMINATION - JERK OFF INSTRUCTION - SPH