Bad Roommate Gets Taped Up And Hitachied


Arabelle Raphael

American / California, US
8:00 min - May 09 - .MP4 - 599.55 MB


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As we all know by now Arabelle is a really really bad roommate. This time Paris Kennedy discovered Arabelle had been using her computer without her permission and with the rent being late it was just too much!! Paris decides to sneak up on Arabelle laying on the couch in her undies (again). Paris knows it's time to take matters int her own hands. She wraps both her hands over Arabelle's mouth and confronts her. Arabelle (like usual) isn't receptive so Paris brings out the duct tape, ties her up and lists everything Aarbelle has done wrong. But it isn't enough, Paris relishes in watch Arabelle squirm so much that she brings out the hitachi. It's time make her struggle!! (this video contains hand over mouth, boob fondling, tape bondage, femdom, orgasms, struggling)