Its So Small SPH JOI Custom

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Jennifer Aleysee

American / USA
1,437 5.0
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vailjohn - Top reviewer Aug 10 2017
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A classic SPH scenario and video, executed perfectly by Jennifer! Definitely a great video for those who love Jennifer's huge, perfect tits. There's lots of great views dirty talk involving them. At one point she does show off her very fine ass but it's very much a boob-lover's video. The SPH-laced Jerk Off Encouragement is great. I loved it!

So, we've known each other for awhile now and we've finally decided to be intimate. I mean I've been interested all this time but you've been hesitant and I've never understood why. I mean look at me, who wouldn't want to fuck my brains out. Then this day I've finally gotten you naked, only to find out why you've been hiding your penis from me for so long. Its only about 5 inches hard and 2-3 inches on soft. I'm used to big packages so this is unacceptable, but I figure a way to help you get off without having to fuck a small one. Eww how embarrassing. But youre welcome. Lol :p