Office Blow to Pop and Balloon Diddle



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8:34 min - May 12 - .WMV - 413.51 MB


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I start blowing up a large orange balloon for an office party. I don't realize how much lung power it is going to take, so once I get started I put up my feet (showing off my heels and strong, pantyhose-clad legs). I blow and blow but still it isn't anywhere near full. I squeeze it between my thighs to test for firmness and fullness, and feel an interesting sensation. I didn't wear any panties to work today and the feeling of the soft balloon between my legs starts to arouse me. I slip my hand under my pantyhose and feel how wet my pussy has become. I continue to inflate it, but play with myself at the same time. The more I blow and the bigger it gets, the wetter I become! I get carried away blowing and blowing and playing, until it pops suddenly in my face. The shock turns me on tremendously and I reach for the scraps of rubber that was the huge balloon. It is large and wet with saliva. I look at it, then get an idea. I rub the soft, wet rubber on the crotch of my pantyhose, and then stand up and pull it between my legs, rubbing hard until I cum. The sensation was amazing! I feel embarrassed afterwards and throw out the scrap of rubber, hoping no one in the office heard me. Perhaps I have a new fetish?