Shaking It For the Sheik



Canadian / Canada
19:06 min - May 10 - .WMV - 907.99 MB


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One of my best videos ever, and a must for your Sophia Sylvan collection! Originally a custom video commission, but no names used. I play a woman who must do the dance of the 7 veils for a sheik in order to save a friend. I am in a belly dancing outfit with no panties or bra...I start off by belly dancing and twirling the veils and removing them one by one. Incredibly erotic! Lovely dance, I've been practicing. Beautiful visuals and editing. I slowly strip down and then bow to the sheik, who tells me that I must humiliate myself by stuffing my ass and pussy and clamping my nipples for his pleasure. One of my favorite clips to make and edit! Absolutely gorgeous and convincing fantasy!