I Control Your Life

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It's another PAYDAY Bitch. I Control your Entire Life. You are My Object and you Work for Me. I want you to Kneel Beneath Me and Offer ALL that you have to Me. You don't need anything but Me. I Control your Finances, I Control you Mentally and I Control your Sex Life., Every Single Orgasm. Without Me, you have No Purpose. You're going to Give it ALL to Me and Thank Me for the Privilege of having the Opportunity to Serve Me. I know you Crave to Give Me Every Dollar you have. You Live to Obey Me with your Head Down nodding Yes to My Every Command. Now Prove it. Prove you want to be Beneath Me. Prove you want to be Under My Control. Thank Me again and again for the Opportunity. **********>>>Clip Features: Financial Domination, Orgasm Control, Redhead, Temptress, Seductress