Billie Chair Tied and Hitachi

6:25 min - May 10 - .WMV - 285.86 MB


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Billie is back, and is better then ever. In this amazing clip, we put her in a full upper body harness. Then, we strap her ankles to her thighs and her feet to the back of a chair holding her completely immobile and exposed for us. We even wrap her tits in cord making her juicy nipples pop out. But that is not enough. We zoom in, and put a ring gag on her and order her to hold out her tongue. We use it to moisten a pair of nipple suction devices. We then twist those on to her tits sucking her nipples up into the tubes. After that, we take advantage of her open mouth, and insert an inflatable dildo gag. A few pumps and her mouth is completely full. A quick blindfold and she is completely helpless. Now it is time for the Hitachi. Her legs are spread and we press the powerful vibrator into her pussy. She moans into the dildo gag and struggles against the ropes. Her tits bounce shaking the nipple suction tubes. She cums hard moaning into her gag completely helpless to stop the sensations. Do not miss this clip.