Oil Ride

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American / Denver
3,620 5.0
9:47 min - May 10 2016 - .MP4 - 766.78 MB


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justinmoneytrees Jul 19 2016
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This video got me all kinds of fucked up. Easily one of the hottest girls on MV. Something bout her makes everything hella sensual. Nice POV views of her fucking a dildo. Extremely satisfying until the end. Def worth the DL.

I move my body sensually to the sound of music, slowing teasing you. I shake my ass for a bit before I lather up my cheeks with oil, bouncing with excitement. I love showing closeups of my pussy, spreading my lips playfully. I can barely contain myself anymore so I pull out my dildo to ride. I penetrate myself deeply, moaning until I shake visibly from orgasm. I show the camera my creamy filled pussy, satisfied at last.