Gender Transformation 4 Her w Penis Envy

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A hot blonde is sitting in her bed naked and playing with her pussy. She talks about wishing she had a cock to stroke and her penis envy is evident. She decides to try and stroke her clit as if it were a penis, but try as she does, she can't make herself cum. Frustrated and filled with penis envy she lays back and closes her eyes hoping to dream about having a nice thick cock to stroke. When she rouses a few moments later after drifting off she finds that she does in fact have a penis as some sort of strange gender transformation has occurred. While it still looks as though nothing is there, it is apparent by looking at her that she at least believes she has a cock and balls. With that, she starts to stroke her new found dick and masturbate. She talks about how sensitive it is and gets close to cumming. She grabs some tissues so she doesn't make a mess and sure enough in no time at all she unloads a nice cumshot into the tissues. She is enjoying her gender transformation immensely, but is not done yet. She then remarks how odd her penis feels as it goes semi-soft. But she is so turned on by the penis she is convinced she has that she starts to jerk off again. She is ready to cum again and sees that she is out of tissues. So, she decides to let it fly. When she cums she cums all over her own tits and her orgasm is loud and long. She then lays back with a lot of satisfaction and a lot of relief. However, the question remains, is this just a case of penis envy, a true gender transformation, or was she just having a dream the whole time? Included in this clip: Transformation Fantasy, Penis Envy, Cock Envy, Dick Envy, Simulated Jerking Off, Fantasy, Fetish, Pussy, Clit, Stroking Clit, Big Tits, Blondes