Ela Darling wetting hot yoga shorts pee



Canadian / Las Vegas
6:41 min - May 10 - .WMV - 210.96 MB


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Pornstar Ela Darling is your yoga instructor for the class & she rushes in a couple minutes late! I guess she didn't have time to use the toilets before rushing in there but she didn't want to lose her job, even though she's got a very full bursting bladder, she's going to try and get through the class without much disruption. She really needs to pee badly & you can tell by the way she's clenching tightly & sneaking in a few crotch grabs while instructing class. She's wearing tiny tight hot pink hot yoga shorts & matching pink legwarmers for a cute 80's look. She gasps and clutches her crotch tight while she's in a very legs spread compromising position (and one where it's very hard to hold in your pee!!) and there's a nice CLOSEUP of her crotch as the hot pee starts streaming out though the thin material! Nice spread legs waterfall of piss onto the yoga mat & all into her legwarmers too. Then she's so embaressed, she dismisses class in shame & starts taking off her wet pee clothes & stepping in her urine. She notices you staying behind & you see her naked.