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Freebie Tuesday

Human Canvas


Kitzi Klown

Derry, Maine
20:49 min - May 11 - .MP4 - 943.86 MB


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Its time to PROVE your loyalty to me, strudel! We're going to turn you into a living, breathing work of art tonight. All you need a is pack of markers, a bit of artistic flair, and a brave heart. Forget stupid doodles of valentine hearts all over your body. You're going to cover yourself in humiliating phrases and pictures, all tributes to me. Me me ME. Your exterior will perfectly match your obsessive thoughts, your addiction to me. Everyone will be able to see you are in thrall to a clown once your entire body is devoted to my image. Fail to complete this task, and you will pay a penalty of $100. This is a game for serious strudels only.