Chastity is a part of my plan for you



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I want to put your dick in chastity. Yes, that's right! See, I have plans for you. I want your only focus to be me. You might think this is already the case but yet, you still stroke everyday, right? While you stroke it's not me you try to satisfy, it's your dick. Your dick is a distraction, it is useless to me. It needs to be in a cage.Do you realize how miserable your life is? Your life has no value. I have a divine plan for your life. You are here to serve me and satisfy me. Your dick is getting in the way. It distracts you at work and it makes you forget that your focus is me and only me. Forget about stroking, forget about your pleasure. Are you worthy of my attention? Are you ready to make sacrifices? You should be!I'm going to repeat it over and over again until you realize it: your dick needs to be in a cage. I want you to beg me to put you in chastity. Contact me and we will make this happen.