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Blackmail - You want it but can you do i



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I know what's your type. You are the kind of men who keeps dreaming about submitting to a dominant woman. You and I know it's not gonna happen unless you take action. You dont have the courage and you hate yourself for that. I want to encourage you to surrender. All I have to do is show some skin and you become weak and helpless.Do you want to play that game with me or you prefer wasting my time gain? Up to you. You need some exitement in your boring life. Youi are tired of the routine. Part of you want your life to change, another part want your life to stay the same. Which part of you is going to win? Just open another page and write down all your personnal information, name and phone number of everybody that is important in your life, place of work, etc. Attach pics of you in the message, preferably embarassing ones. The most important part is... you have to click send!I know you want to be mine. You want me to control your life. I could destroy your life if you don't satisfy me enough. You have to treat me like the Goddess that I am. Be my little toy, my little puppet. Be mine or fuck off and don't waste my time!