GF found out your are a sissy



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I have to tell you something... I found out about your secret. I looked at your internet history and found you have been visiting sissy websites and blogs. So... you like to dress as a woman? I'm not mad, I'm just disapointed because you didn't told me about this. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. You keep buying me very feminine clothes and high heels even thought it's not my style. You were actually buying this for you, right? Cause you like to wear my clothing when I am away. Do you also dream about sucking cock? Nice! We will have so much fun exploring your sissy side! I really want to witness you sucking cock for the first time! I have a female only party this weekend and I really want to go with you. You'll be dressed as a woman and we will use my girlfriend's strap-on so you can practice your dick sucking skills with me and all my friends! An idea just crossed my mind... maybe I could pimp you. Make you the biggest slut in town and make you suck dicks one after the other. I'm so glad I found out about this! We will have so much fun together!