The Rubbercunt

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We wanted to do some sharp photos in rubber. Nobody could have ever foreseen that Renee would get so damn horny this day. The rubber mask reduced her breath and her nipples and her clit were all under pressure of the tight rubber dress. At first Renee was well concentrated, but after some time the lust was overwhelming her. What was once thought as a photo shooting became an incredible masturbation scene. We just took our cam and filmed her fucking her mind out. Renee was teasing her niples and her pleasure know was all swollen. Now her pussy was so slippery the light dildo went in and out like in a machine. And this groaning and gasping all the time! Later Renee told us that she had an incredible climax, like never before. The glasses of the mask were all steamy now and our sweetheart was wheezing and snorting like hell behind her mask while she was screwing herself to her next orgasm ...