Foot perv roommate long size 11 feet



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Is it ok if I do some stretching over here? Just ignore me and continue playing your video games, ok? What... what are you looking at? You like my feet? I can't believe it, you are a foot pervert! You were trying to sniff my feet? You are a little foot loser. Probably still a virgin. The only thing you are going to fuck is women's toes. Why don't you come closer and sniff them? I thought you were a big nerd because you are always in front of your computer. But now I know that all this time you were probably looking at foot fetish videos. I'm gonna tell all my friends about this. Oh, you want me to keep my mouth shut? What do you have to offer me for my silence? You are going to worship my feet? I don't need my feet to be worshipped! I don't want you to put my feet in your nasty mouth. Well ok... try massaging my feet a little bit. It feels pretty good! My feet are so sore! I think we can make an agreement. I'll keep your secret but you will have to serve me and my feet. Can I call you my foot slave?