Crutches Outdoors w Legs Tied 4 Lost Bet

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Brittany Lynn is looking stunning in a blue hoodie and tight jeans. She is outside sitting on a bench at a public boardwalk and talking to you about how she never makes bets because she always loses them, and this is another time. As you look down you can see that she is not only wearing leather thigh high boots with high heels, but she is also tied at the ankles and knees due to losing a bet with you. Being a woman of her word she has agreed to let you follow her around outside on the boardwalk, but she is going to use her crutches to help her get along. After all, you didn't say she couldn't. With that she is off and moving down the boardwalk. She crutch glides with little effort and the high heel boots she is wearing helps make that great crutch click sound as she moves. Her movements on the crutches are shown close up, far back, and from the front and back view as well. She starts to get into the crutching and is really enjoying nature and being outdoors. She makes her way to a pavilion and does even more crutching around. She talks about how it feels to use the crutches and admits it is different having her ankles and knees tied, but she is still up for completing the challenge her lost bet with you has brought. Suddenly, she sees a power walker who whisks by her. She greets him with a friendly hello and he continues on without saying a word. She has no idea who it was, but talks about how he must be wondering what the heck she is doing. Even with that, she continues to complete the tied legs and crutches pay for the lost bet. She knows she has a long way to go and then starts to practice going as fast as she can on the crutches. She remarks how nobody else will be able to pass her and laughs at the whole situation, proving once and for all that she is a good sport and willing to use crutches all day in order to fulfill her obligation for losing the bet with you. Included in this clip: Crutches, Outdoors, Jeans Fetish, Ankles, High Heels, Leather, Boots, Thigh High Boots, Crutch Click, Crutch Glide, Lost Bet, Hoodie, Blondes, Brittany Lynn