In the toilet before my date HD

11:59 min - Jun 10 - .WMV - 802.20 MB


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This is a custom made clip. I have a date with a guy. I'm waiting for him to arrive, but I realize I'm bloated and gassy. Only one thing to do: Fart it out. Wearing bra, thong, black stockings and high heels I enter the bathroom. I have to fart a lot. Once the gas runs out I take a nice smelly sh**t. When I'm finished I wipe my ass and stand up getting my thong back up again. I get the toilet brush and clean the inside of the bowl while flushing. At the end I wash my hands and leave the restroom. Video is HD 1080p Video contains: TOILET FETISH, FARTING, SMELL, BRA & THONG, STOCKINGS, HIGH HEELS