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Kay is a lady that I see sitting on her porch on my way home almost everyday. Finally asked her to let me film her feet on my couch. I had to tell her that I'd give her a massage to convince her to do it. Her puffy, wrinkled feet pops up on the couch and receive an oily massage until they're all shiny. I massaged them really hard because I haven't felt feet in a while and felt lucky to be squeezing these. You can hear the squishy sounds emit from her soft and smooth soles. The color contrast is mouth watering. The peanut butter brown from her skin and the bright yellow on the bottom of her soles make you want to stuff her big mature feet in your mouth. I went to get a towel and was surprised at what I saw when I came back. She enjoyed the foot massage so much, that she started rubbing her oiled up feet together. I couldn't stand it any longer. My cock was super hard and really wanted to feel an ebony footjob. Kay gave me a look like she knew I was getting turned on by her feet. To be honest, all I needed was a pair of feet close to me and I was hard as a rock. I pulled my dick out and put it right between her soft soles. She didn't stop me at all. In fact she started sliding her soles up and down my hard shaft. It was an unexpected situation, but neither one of us said anything about it. Ebony Footjobs are unbelievable. Black chicks have a unique feel to their feet. They're a bit more rougher than any other type. You get a lot of fraction between their soles. Especially if they have wrinkles on the bottom. She pressed her soles all way down to the base of my dick and held them there. I told her to wait there for a second while I jacked off for a little. If you haven't tried this, it's like being balls deep inside of a pussy and stroking yourself inside, amazing feeling. The warmth of her feet wrapped around the bottom of my cock, balls and pelvis made me want to cum. But I held it in. Before I explode, she stops me and turns around to put her brown booty in the air. Her huge ebony ass was barely covered by her panties. I'm also an ass fanatic so I was super solid hard when I saw her bend over. The way her black ass pokes out while her bright yellow soles hang from the couch made me want to fuck her hard from behind. I had no idea her ass was going to be so bubbly, I wasn't ready for that lol. I spared her this time because I probably wouldn't have been able to stop banging her before I came inside her, so I decided I wanted to let off on her feet instead. She couldn't continue that lovely ebony footjob from that angle, but I wanted to cum and there was no stopping me. As I violently jacked off my dick behind her, The tip of my head kept smacking up against her booty, making it shake every time. With the other hand I grabbed or on the side at that magical area between her ass and her back. If I grab a chick there, I'm instantly nutting. It was the closest thing to doggystyle that I could do at the moment. The heat from her butt made me feel like I was humping her. Her ass looked and felt so good that I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't stop myself from blasting cum all over her feet. My dick skeeted so much cum on her that it was dripping from her feet. I know it's going to be awkward the next time I see her, but cumming on her feet was worth it