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Jessica Loves Sex

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Jessica has hands-down the best channel on here. This video was incredible from start to finish.

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HOt whispering dirtytalks here, Jessica so beautiful fuckable!

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Another amazing clip by Jessica. She looks breathtakingly beautiful and the action is super hot!!!

Harddeep deleted Apr 3
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I asked God for an angel.. He sent me you :)

bfxddd - Top reviewer Jan 24 2017
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Jessica looks amazing in any outfit but to see her in a bikini is almost too much...this vid is perfect and so is Jessica...she is the hottest girl on this site or any site!!

chillydave Jan 13 2017
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incredible, you are very hot lady ! with mind blowing skills ! Highly recommended .

Illusivintent Dec 26 2016
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This video is hands down one of the best you will see. Jess is insatiable and loves every minute of it. Her bikini is gorgeous and makeup is done seductively. She comes across so eager to please and is very genuine. I will definitely be buying more of her videos!

laren Robinson - Top reviewer Nov 13 2016
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another amazing video from Jessica! a hot girl in a bikini is never a bad thing! i love the dirty talk. the different angles. jessica. you're amazing! you always deliver! i love your vids!

jesse321 - Top reviewer Aug 7 2016
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The picture explain what i love in that vid: hypnotic eyes of an amazing girl that love to pleasure her man and her fans.
The little bonus at the end is really appreciate and i love the name used for that custom haha ;) you got it :p

max6969 - Top reviewer Jun 7 2016
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A great video by Jessica, she does some dirty talk and just sucks you in with it. She is absolutely amazing in this video in her tiny bikini but then when she gets on her knees and elbows and starts sucking cock while on the bed the camera makes a quick pan down her body and you see her perfect round ass just screaming to get a good fuck. Unfortunately she doesn't get fucked in this but she does take a good face fuck right before her man blows his load all over her absolutely perfect face. Something I think that is taken for granted when watching Jessica's videos is how ready she prepares herself from her outfit all the way to her makeup. She is always looking like a 10 in each and every video. An amazing video!

Tolwyn15 May 26 2016
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This video is superb quality, which is to be expected from Jessica. It captures the action from some fun angles, but the one thing I would say Jessica does best is giving great eye contact! This is another great vid from her!

Fuzzymonkey2985 - Top reviewer May 21 2016
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Great blowjob as always never ceases to amaze me with your skills and a great cumshot

MichaelXY - Top reviewer May 18 2016
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Amazing intro she looks amazing with that perfect face while she holds the camera and talks dirty while sucking her fingers. She has such mesmerizing beautiful eyes and lips and a really great smile.

I personally enjoyed the intro with all of her sexy mannerisms more than the blowjob sequence itself but the BJ is still extremely hot! The BJ part is filmed from frontal/side view and some POV. She talks dirty, uses spit, sucks really well and has some good eye contact moments. The facial cumshot isn't as big as some of the other videos of hers I've seen but she does a good job of
wiping cum around her face and then does some post cum showing/talking which is stuff I love to see! Another great video!

mrroboto deleted - Top reviewer May 13 2016
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Jess starts right off with the dirty talk and never ceases, well unless she is sucking some dick haha. And make sure you stick around for the extra special bonus ending.

olympia45 - Top reviewer Aug 23
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Hey Jessica, wish i was behind you!Could we have a threesome!Hot BJ vid Jessica wear a sexy bikini talk dirty!!

Gunnut9999 - Top reviewer Oct 2 2016
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Great video of a sexy girl doing what she does best

Boy Girl. Filmed in HD, 2 Cameras Angles. Personalized Custom Blowjob Vid for Jonathan where I give him a Blowjob in a Bikini on All Fours on My Bed. Vid Includes: Lots of Dirty Talk Throughout; Some Teasing in Bikini on Bed; Long Blowjob with Teasing, Edging, Spitting and Deepthroat; Lots of My Titties; Facial and Mouth Cumshot; Cum Play; A little Bonus Footage at Very End. ;)