Secretary Boss

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American / Seattle
895 5.0
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MichaelXY - Top reviewer Jun 8 2016
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Video is 1280x720, audio is poor webcam quality.

She is wearing a black tank top and blue skirt and keeps crossing her legs. Bosses her boss around and then shows her breasts after about 4 minutes and takes the skirt and panties off too to provide some JOI. Fingers and plays with her pussy a bit using a magic wand. She orgasms and the video then ends with a bit of posing and talking.

Storyline: I'm your secretary at work. I seen you at the gym the other day trying to lift, but you weren't lifting very impressive amounts and were taking a lot of breaks between sets. I call you out on it, while I cross and uncross my legs in a tiny little mini skirt and heels. I remind you how much stronger I am, and I know this makes you weak.. weak enough to do anything I say, so I get you on your knees, have you take out your cock, and start jerking off while I get myself off. You may write the checks, but I'm the boss ;)