Counter Fuck - NO SOUND

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13,282 4.8
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HereForAlexisWilde deleted Jul 14 2016

Will there be a version of this with sound, or was there any error in recording?

walterjp20 - Top reviewer May 12 2016
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what more can I say this is a blaze video so you know it is fantastic. even thought there is no sound this is still one of her best videos!!!! the video quality is excellent and the video is very creative and sexy. It is one of my personal favorites and i"m sure it well be one of yours too:)

dBuzyy - Top reviewer Jul 30
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beautiful ride. highly recommend

xempt11 Aug 3 2016
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Sexy as fuck as blaze always is, this video will make your cock rock solid as it did mine. One load shot any many more to cum to this video. Thanks blaze(;

Dildo sucking and riding on the kitchen counter. Close ups and full body views. I strip out of my shirt, jeans, and panties for you. **THERE IS NO SOUND IN THIS VIDEO