Flexing Alpha Goddess

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American / Seattle
710 5.0
6:30 min - May 13 - .MP4 - 563.90 MB


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MichaelXY - Top reviewer Jun 8 2016
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Video is 1280x720, audio isn't very good and sounds muffled/distorted.. probably the result of a poor webcam or audio codec.

She looks amazing in a red lacy bra and black panties and also wearing heels. She is kneeling on a sofa and begins flexing her muscles, she shows off her legs a couple of times but the video is mostly bicep flexing while talking to the camera about how weak the viewer is.

While the audio encoding on this video is pretty bad it is still a fantastic flexing video with an amazing woman.

You know why I'm the real alpha goddess? Because I am an all around dominant alpha. I'm stronger than you, and have the muscles to prove it. You're weak and pathetic, and I know my muscles make you even weaker knowing I could crush you with them. I know you'd do anything to touch my muscles. But you're a weak pathetic loser who can't satisfy a woman in any way, so you're just going to sit there and worship my hard earned body and muscles like a little bitch.