ASMMMR Nurse Roleplay

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Hi how to request custom video ?

mikjms Jan 17 2017

50$? You must be joking.

warpigllc Jun 22 2016

This video is amazing :)~

BellaBrookz May 13 2016

0:00 Your friend comes to check on you
2:00 Dream starts with sexy nurse
2:30 Personal close up whispers
3:34 Nip slip
3:46 White thin Rubber gloves
4:27 Ears check up with thin rubber gloves Starts
5:52 Unnoticed boob out during ear massage
6:38 Both boobs out go unnoticed
7:16 "Oh no.. my boobs are out"
7:38 Oh well.. get the lotion and apply on it
7:54 White thin Rubber Gloves and lotion sounds - Boobs massage
9:58 Close up massage
11:48 Booty view (trying to find silky gloves)

BellaBrookz May 13 2016

13:00 Wearing silky gloves and sensual movements
11:33 Giving you a massage (moving hands over fluffy blankets while wearing silky gloves, moving closer and farther from camera.. different movements) - full body view
14:00 Remove dress - topless and continues massage
16:38 Turn around and do soft moving moves on bed showing g-string and making sounds with the soft sheets
17:25 More booty view and nice sounds
18:55 Lotion on booty (no gloves)
19:39 "I hope you don't mind if I lay down with you" Full body view laying on the side
21:05 Breathing on microphone while laying on bed.. full body view, booty up
22:54 "You look like you are feeling much better" - I give you pills again
24:30 Wake up from the dream, back to your friend

Garth806 May 13 2016
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If you guys are contemplating that $50 might me a bit too much for a video and might think it's not worth it? Think again, this video is amazing!! Bella is incredible! I listen to ASMR everyday and it helps a lot, what more could you ask for in a ASMR vid! amazing sounds and pure beauty!

BellaBrookz May 13 2016

Thank you Garth! Very happy you liked :)

warpigllc Jun 28 2016
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I discovered Bella on You Tube.. and well some internet searches led me here. This performer is amazing. PURE FREAKING PLEASURE......

FukUImAwesome deleted May 26 2016
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This is an amazing ASMR, erotic version, video. Bella is a star in this genre and can't wait to see what she does next. If you have never tried ASMR and wanted to give it a try, this a great place to start. Bella is stunningly beautiful with a extremely erotic and soothing.voice and gestures. If you are into POV roleplay/ASMR then give it a try.

zevras4life May 23 2016
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Wow! As a lover of asmr, this video does me wonders. The last 6 minutes are probably the best I've experienced. Not only this but you are getting the very sexy Bella Brookz. She has perfect body with a very relaxing voice which compliments this type of video. Keep up the amazing work! 10/10 would buy again.

Arks32 Feb 2 2017
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One of the best videos i have ever seen. Certainly best ASMRotica ever, really hope you do more Bella <3 she got it all

Trigger Menu on comments. You feel very very ill, so your girl friend makes a visit to check on you. She asks if you need anything and grabs an extra pillow so you can get more comfortable (when she turns around you see her booty in her tight fitting pants and notice how you actually feel extra attracted to her). Then she gives you some pills to lower your fever, which also make you sleepy. Bella is very sweet and touches your face saying it's going to be OK, and that she will be there with you and stay until you fall asleep. Once you do, you have a very interesting dream.. or should I say, naughty?! Instead of your friend, you see now a sexy nurse, very eager to please whom is also extra caring! She shows signs that she really likes you getting close and personal saying she will take good care of you and make you feel better. Once she starts checking up what's the cause for your fever one of her boobs slip out of her dress, she notices very embarrassed, apologizes and fixes it quickly. But it doesn't take long until one, and then the other one (!) escape again from her dress and this time she is too focused on you to notice what's going on...when she does her reaction is not so shy anymore... Anyways, a good kisser doesn't tell everything that happens.. but it was impossible not to notice how much she looks like your friend, now you should be wondering if it really was just a dream.. The video is more ASMR than deep storyline. No dirty talk, light flirt and I strip down to a g-string, topless scenes, full body scenes, close up whispers, touching upper body with white thin rubber gloves and lotion, and also white silky gloves), white rubber gloves with lotion, silky gloves body caressing, lotion on boobs and booty, breathing on microphone similar to Sexy ASMR posted on Youtube but with full body position of camera (wearing just a thong): Unfortunately I had to cut a little over 10 minutes to be able to upload the video here, so expect a few cut scenes throughout the video.
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