Hardcore Anal with Tape Over Mouth



American / East Coast
15:08 min - May 12 - .MP4 - 444.09 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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The video starts out with my mouth covered with red duct tape. I put on some latex gloves, snapping them at the wrist. I turn around doggy style and slide a finger into my tight ass. Easy enough, don't make too much noise, but two fingers start to make me squirm. I switch from my middle and index finger and eventually work two fingers. Surely I can handle more and use my anal vibrator. I get pretty rough and you can see that I am very tight. When it is all the way deep inside me, I give my vibrator a spank, causing me to cry out through tape. If that were not enough, I really go hardcore with my anal hook. My ass really gets stretched, I am grunting and yelling very loudly through tape, and you can see the pain on my ass as I take that anal hook. Pulling out gets very tricky since my ass clenches around it. Lastly, I sort of get three fingers into my ass, pushing my limits, really stretching. I was definitely an anal pain slut today.