Ass Sniffer Training

6:13 min - May 12 2016 - .MP4 - 189.72 MB


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Just because Mona Wales is a veteran pro Domme doesnt mean that she cant fall into the clutches of the Evil Tickle Torturess, Mistress Dee Severe. Naked and cuffed, she is at the mercy of the nimble digits of Mistress Dee! She starts with the ribs and then works her way down to the butt, making Mona squirm and laugh instantly. Down to the knees and feet, more squirming and laughing. But the fingers are just a warm-up. Mistress reaches for the electric green duster, drawing a look of concern from Mona. When Dee thrusts the spinning duster between Monas legs, she starts to dance! She tries to escape, but the cuffs have her trapped. The Torturess decides to kick it up another notch, trading the duster for the sonic toothbrush, which she applies to Monas exposed armpit. By the time she works down to the feet Mona is gasping for breath shes laughing so hard. To finish her off Mistress Dee goes double with the toothbrush and the duster, so evil!Keywords: tickle torture, mona wales, wiggling, teasing, helpless, snorting, severe sex, tickle toys, giggling, laughter, dee severe, foot tickling, hysterical, bucking