Patio Pee

9:29 min - May 13 - .WMV - 348.07 MB


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It is such a beautiful day and Candle wants to water her plants. As she steps out she realizes that she locked herself outside. She tries to look on the bright side and enjoys her time outside. After awhile, Candle realizes that she has to pee. She tries holding it and hopes that her roommate will come home. Various methods to keep the urine in are not helpful, but she tries bouncy little dances, crossing her legs, and putting her hand in her crotch to ease the pressure. Her belly expands from the pressure. She is getting panicky as it becomes too strong for her. There are people who can see her and she does not want them to know that she is struggling. It finally gets to be too much for her, and a warm golden stream trickles down her legs. She is mortified that she has wet herself in public and now has to sit in her mess!