Sperm Supplements

12:00 min - May 14 - .MP4 - 1.38 GB


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Custom Clip: "You know your boyfriend has a fetish for huge, fat, massive bellied pregnant women. You've decided that you will fulfill his fantasy. You know he has a bottle of sperm supplemental pills that increase the production of sperm and you let him take the whole bottle. You begin the clip wearing a skimpy bikini top too small for your massive breasts. You mount your boyfriend and slowly pull off your bikini top letting your breasts spill out. You then oil up your breasts and belly. You see the bulge in his eyes at the sight of your voluptuousness and grin as you start to slowly pump him. During this part of the clip you start to describe how pregnant your going to become. Your boyfriend has enough sperm built up to impregnate a cheerleader squad and your going to let him spill it all into your belly. You think it'll be enough for quadruplets or more! Your tell him your belly will be so massive and heavy. You show him by putting your hands on your belly and then slowly moving them out as far and wide as you can to show how inflated it will be as you grin. You then tell him that you will need to gain massive amounts of weight so you will need to fatten yourself. By the end of your pregnancy you will be so fat, barefoot and pregnant, you will look like you will burst. You just grin at his excitement as you continue to pump him. The clip would end with your boyfriend exploding inside you buckets of cum."