You're my hero! Let me thank you POV

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Penny Plush

American / Caprica City
963 5.0
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Godspeed888 - Top reviewer May 13 2016
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Pure awesomeness! ♥

I can't believe you saved me. You didn't have to risk your hiding place on the train, but you grabbed me from the chaos and now we are almost to the neutral zone. I know we have to be quiet, but we only have a few hours left and I want to show you just how grateful I am that you saved me from the madness that would have been my future there.... I want you to take me. Right here in this closet. I want to wrap myself around you and show you how much you mean to me. Even though we are strangers, and we likely won't see each other again, I want to fuck you hard until I am breathlessly whispering "thank you" over and over as I cum on your hard heroic cock. Let's be quiet... we don't want to get caught