Manipulating My Landlords Foot Fetish


Princess Kaelin

American / Las Vegas, NV
14:21 min - May 16 - .M4V - 243.82 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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You've come to tell me you'll be raising my rent. I can't allow that to happen, and I know just how to convince you otherwise. You see, I know your secret. I know you're the one who has been stealing my socks and tights, and I even found a cum stain in some of them. I slip off my smelly flats and expose my perfect feet, you're definitely listening now, but not quite convinced. So I tell you to lay down and decide I'll give you a treat. With my hand on your dick and my feet in your face, you sign the contract I made saying I'll be paying half as much for rent, not more.