Contamination Suit JOI

10:23 min - May 13 - .WMV - 451.51 MB


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Produced for a custom clip… Dr Lucy is dealing with a highly contagious patient whose illness is unknown. We need to get to the bottom of it and the only way we will is by testing some fluids. Dr Lucy needs to get fully kitted up so on goes the contamination suit, mask, safety glasses and gloves, full PPE gear. You’re too contaminated to touch so Dr Lucy helps you through the process, making you milk yourself for the liquids she requires and of course helping you on a little by teasing you with that perfect cleavage. Follow the instructions and give Dr Lucy what she wants! INCLUDES: ENGLISH MISTRESS, MEDICAL FETISH, MEDICAL CENTRE, JOI, GLOVE FETISH, ROLEPLAY, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTIONS, MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT & NURSE/DOCTOR PLAY