Peeing Like A Little Girl



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Mommy loves you, and you know that. There’s nothing wrong with you being my darling son and doing as I say. You mostly listen to me, as much as you can anyway. Being a little... ugh... boy, you have your problems here and there that I can’t really do much about. Little girls are far tidier and take better care of themselves. You, as a... boy... seem to have hygiene issues and growth problems that I just can’t figure out. The trouble you cause has taken its toll. I’ve got a proposition. Well really, it’s a demand as your parent. You want to make Mommy very happy, yes? You know what I’m talking about, surely. This will be the first step to you becoming a new person. The bathroom is a place for privacy, but when you leave behind things, it suddenly becomes MY problem. I’m having to clean the toilet up after you. No, don’t you say you wipe the toilet clean. I don’t care. You don’t do it well enough. Your little pee-pee germs are all over the place! I’m sick of it! I'm sick of all boys and men standing at my toilet and leaving their filth behind. I’m so sick of you doing the same! DONE! You will not be standing in front of the toilet anymore. From now on, you are SITTING. Do you understand? That pee-pee will not be aiming and spraying anymore. You will sit like a good little girl and get every drop into the potty. Not only that, but you'll put on these panties I got for you and properly rub that newfound pussy of yours. You'll be wearing those panties during your pee training, as a happy reminder of the little cunty we'll be getting for you down the road. If you need to get some relief, do it right here... rubbing and spreading that "pussy" beneath those panties.