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Rabbit vibe orgasm ~F

475 5.0


475 5.0
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juliesfriendgaz May 17 2016

A very special lady with phenomenal natural beauty and an amazing personality to go with it, always fun and never ceases to amaze, one in a million and totally mind blowing xxxxx

juliesfriendgaz May 17 2016
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Julie starts off on sofa in black cardigan and gorgeous white lingerie knelt on sofa before unbuttoning black cardigan and bending over doggy style showing her flawless natural perfect ass to the cam before spanking it a couple of times before removing cardigan and shakes her ass into the cam before returning to the sofa. Julie teases you with legs spread and caressing her flawless natural perfect boobs before sitting up and removing her bra straps before standing up and removing it. Julie then sits down topless on the sofa and caresses her flawless natural perfect boobs before standing and bending over doggy with her flawless natural perfect ass to the cam and spanking it before removing her underwear in that position and spanking again. Julie lies back on the sofa with her blue rabbit vibrator and proceeds to pleasure herself sliding it in and out and caressing herself. Julie proceeds to get wetter and creamier with her gorgeous moans before continuing to pleasure herself building up to a mind blowing orgasm which is phenomenal and continues to shake and pulsae afterwards which is truly beautiful.