Girlfriend has a panty fetish


Mandy Flores

American / Washington state
12:57 min - May 15 2016 - .MP4 - 751.41 MB


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I come home from a hard day at work and need to relieve some stress. I have a little fetish secret that I have not shared with my boyfriend, I love sniffing, licking and rubbing myself with my used panties, its like sex for me and I want to keep it all for myself. I lie to my man that I want to unwind and Ill come downstairs in a little bit. As soon as he leaves I immediately start sniffing my panties in a horny rage. Sniffing and licking them while playing with my pussy. Rubbing them all over my body, tits pussy and ass. Back and forth into my face, kissing them as if we are romantic lovers. Then my man comes and knocks at the door to see if Im okay. Yes hun, Im fine...Ill be down in a few minutes. I need to get off bad and fast, so I rip off my clothes, grab the rest of my used panties I have been saving and fuck them all until I cum. Panties in my pussy, ass, face...rubbing them all over my body, I cant get enough! INCLUDES:PANTY FETISH, GODDESS WORSHIP, ORGASMS, SMELL FETISH, MASTURBATION, PANTY STUFFING