Boot Worship

10:12 min - May 13 - .WMV - 279.41 MB


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I wore these outside since I know that you like them so much when my feet get nice and sweaty inside them. You love that these big feet could cover your face or mouth. I wear them just for you but maybe I will have someone else worship them so that you can taste their sloppy seconds. These boots cover all of the senses. I love rubbing the leather and hearing the sound. You can see how they cover my long legs and there is that little peak of skin that you don't get to touch. Going to bet that the primal smell of leather against flesh drives you nuts. I want you to lick every square inch of my boots. Doesn't that feel good on your tongue. You do such a good job and deserve a treat. Let me inch the zipper down as I deboot and show you all the skin that has been hidden away. Do you prefer the one boot on or the bare foot? Take a good look at my cute little red toenails. Because they are going to get covered as I slowly put on my boots again.