Peanut Butter & Jelly Foot Splosh

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This is a custom clip and includes the name Andrew... In this custom I was asked to do a barefoot peanut butter & jam splosh. Of course I said yes! I empty out several jars of strawberry jam and smooth peanut butter into a bowl getting it nicely layered up. Then I ease my feet in, one by one, into the thick gloopy mess. Mmmm it feels so good as I swirl my feet around and play with it. Listen to all the lovely noises it makes as I play with the squidgy, squelchy, sticky mass. Its so thick and heavy on my little feet, they get absolutely covered. There's lots of messy fun in this one! INCLUDES: BRITISH MISTRESS, SPLOSHING, WET & MESSY, FOOT FETISH, BAREFEET, DIRTY FEET & FOOD.