Up Close Finger Cum / Oil

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2,160 5.0
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tigerspider deleted Jan 27

Even after perhaps hundreds of viewings, this fabulous four minute musical video still dazzles me. I’m not one for soundtracks in my sexy flicks — I prefer to hear the sounds of breath and pleasure and wetness. However, the track used perfectly matches the superb editing to create something very special and extremely arousing. Bailee is gorgeous, but with her face off screen for the entirety of the vignette, the star of this scene becomes her incredible body, astonishing sexuality and the super slick production. I’ve used many adjectives in many reviews to describe Bailee’s perfect body. I always seem to come back to otherworldly and incomparable. And here the wonderful natural evening light has her unreal body and lovely skin shimmering, and the glorious and gorgeous coppery hair that lies above her beautiful pussy glimmering golden, as she caresses herself with oil. Fanfuckintastic and well-crafted, this short video is amazing.

adrax3 Aug 30 2016

As before, your musical selections are superb.  I don't always love the sound effects of EDM, but here they provide an aurally stimulating complement to your enticingly erotic sights.

adrax3 - Top reviewer Aug 30 2016
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I'm running out of superlatives to fuel my meager creative writing abilities, so I'll just confirm that in this video, Bailee showcases her deliciousness once again!

xerophix Jul 8 2016
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Bailey is amazing. Love the close ups in this video. It's very high quality like all her videos and doesn't disappoint.

protestthehero Jul 7 2016
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Such a beautiful model! She has an AMAZING body and perfect pussy! I just wish there were some face shots!

AlexS79 - Top reviewer Oct 9 2016
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This is a great video. I really enjoyed watching it. I love the close ups. Bailee has a very beautiful body and she is very sexy. It was a pleasure to see her perfect body in the close ups. I definitely will see more of her videos!!!

Iceman99 - Top reviewer Oct 13 2016
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Very sexy video. Starts with some nice teasing. LOVE the close ups in this video, and hope she does more in the future. Watching her pulsations at climax were so hot!

milkfred - Top reviewer Oct 12 2016
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soft skin, pink and hard nipples, sexy legs, tender and sweet pussy with slim fingers, how can be better? where is your lovely face?

jarya5 - Top reviewer Oct 15 2016
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So sexy. I love the different angles Bailee offers of her magnificent pussy and asshole as well as the closeups as she rubs and spreads herself for us. A fantastic ending with her sweet pussy quivering after she orgasms.

Mr Mystery Jul 14 2017
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This is more than a great video, this is a work of art. Both the panties and socks are incredibly sexy. Bailee's hot body glistens with oil as she rubs it over herself, before finishing off with a close up of her perfect, pulsing pussy. Stunning

Set in warm evening light, I strip out of white panties and begin touching myself. I drip shimmering oil onto my chest, down my stomach and squirt the oil over my pussy. The slickness turns me on more than expected, and I continue rubbing my clit to a pulsing climax. Includes lots of close-ups