Desperate To Pee - Nikki Daniels

6:54 min - Jun 21 - .WMV - 251.13 MB


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Nikki Daniels is struggling to pee and has been looking for a place for awhile. She finally finds a warehouse that has cars outside. She knocks and waits for someone to answer. While waiting she struggles and dances to prevent anything from spilling out. It does not help that she is wearing daisy dukes and a tiny top that are not keeping her warm. The owner of the establishment answers the door and is a little surprised that a strange girl is asking to use his bathroom. He lets her in, but he is not going to let her go unless he gets to watch since he does not trust her. She is completely mortified and balks at the prospect. It gets to the point where she is so desperate that finally agrees to go in front of him. When she looks at the toilet, she is grossed out by how disgusting it is and decides to hover over the seat. It takes her awhile to actually release the urine because she is a little bladder shy about going on front of someone. It finally comes out and she is not happy about having an audience