Taboo Sister Slouch Sock Wet Body Seduce

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You arrive home early form your day and head into the bathroom to take a bath, but when you get there you see that your step-sister has beaten you to the punch. She greats you with a smile and tells you she is already drawing the bath for herself and suggests her sweet brother will simply have to wait. Since she sees that you keep checking her feet out, along with the rest of her, she decides to have some taboo fun with you. She is in a cute tanks top, jeans, and Keds sneakers, but you know she has on slouch socks too. That is what you really like and she knows this. So, she tells you that she is going to get soaking wet in front of you, but keep her slouch socks on. With that, she takes her Keds off and then starts to tease you by dipping one slouch socked foot at time into the bathtub. She remarks at how warm the bath water is and then decides to get wet all the way. As she sits in the tub her jeans turn a darker color and her white t-shirt becomes a sexy wet t-shirt. This is when the taboo dirty talk really gets heated up. She talks about how she wants you to cum all over her slouch socks since they are already wet. She knows you want to, but just to seduce and entice you more, she stands up and pulls her jeans down, revealing her sexy round ass. Now she is talking about you cumming on her wet ass or fucking her and then cumming inside her so she can let the creampie drip out on her panties and slouch socks. She finally takes the jeans and panties off completely, but continues to tease and tempt you. She begs for your cum and she doesn't really care where you put it. She sits back in the tub for some more slouch socks temptation and counties on with the taboo dirty talk. She knows you want her and knows you will be getting in that bathtub with her for some real wet and taboo fun. Included in this clip: Taboo, Socks, Slouch Socks, Dirty Talk, Jeans Fetish, Keds, Sneaker Fetish, Wet Fetish, Bathtub Fetish, Sister Seduction, Taboo Seduction, Cum on My Socks, Cum on My Ass, Wet T-Shirt, Wet Socks, Sister, Taboo Sister, Blonde