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I\'ve come to really enjoy going to the gym and it\'s not what you think! You see while perfecting perfection is always welcome, I\'ve found an even better reason to visit the gym nearly every day. I\'m fully aware of how good I look in skin tight leggings and a sports bra but that doesn\'t mean I love to catch men like you checking out my body. I have so much power, control and it\'s all packed inside my yoga pants, you guessed it - it\'s my ass. Every man in the gym turns his head when I come in, eyes fixated on my rear as I work out. They would do anything for me, who could say no to a butt this good? No one, that\'s who. I am in complete control. They, and you, are at my every beck and call, if I want anything, they will do it. All with the hopes and thoughts of getting close to my derriere.