Mother Superior gets Spanked and Fucked



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It's been a long week of training apprentice nuns at the convent, Mother Molly is stressed and happy that she has the evening off. Back in her room, she makes sure no one is nearby and then turns on her record player. Music isn't forbidden in the convent, but rock music certainly is! Mother Molly plays a Blondie record from her youth, and gets out a pair of pink high heels from a bag sequestered under her twin bed. Mother Molly is dancing happily in her habit and high heels when Father Fitzpatrick opens her door without knocking. She thinks that he will understand, as they've known and worked with each other for years, but he is appalled at her behavior. "What kind of example are you setting for the young nuns?" He exclaims. Mother Molly apologizes, and thinks her words and a prayer will be enough. The Father has other ideas, though, for her punishment, and she will be punished for behaving with little regard for her strict Catholic morals. He orders Mother Molly to lift her skirt for a stern spanking. As the blows fall, Molly repents, sniffling, and thinks it's over. It isn't, however, and the Father has much more in store for the misbehaving nun. He orders her to remove her nylon pantyhose and then suck on a glass buttplug for him. Of course, Mother Molly has never seen one before, but does what she's told. After sucking it, she inserts it into her virgin ass. A glass dildo goes in her virgin pussy, and she fucks both her holes right in front of the Father like a wanton whore.