Stroke Your Small Penis For Me

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Lacy Luck

American / USA
356 5.0
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vailjohn - Top reviewer Aug 10
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Classic and wonderful SPH video! I love the tone, which has the beautiful Lacy laughing and giggling her way through mocking her date's small penis. The description is dead-on and it's a wonderful video for people who love Lacy's big, beautiful, PERFECT tits and also love some fun SPH and encouragement. Can't recommend it highly enough! :-)

This is a custom order video. No names are used so everyone can join the fantasy. To commission your own custom clip, use the contact info on my studio homepage. The Order: SPH / Small Penis Encouragement We've been friends for a while, and one day we decide to fool around. You take off your clothes and show of your incredible body and encourage me to do the same. As I strip down you notice that I have a small penis... You tell me how small my 5 inch penis is. It's only 5 inches when it's fully erect, which is not very big. I am the smallest guy you have ever been with. Be mean, but in a "friendly" kind of way. You decide to give me a handjob, because you won't let me inside you. Talk about how my balls are tiny as well. I have a small package and I also have trouble keeping it up. While you're jerking my small penis you notice it going soft. At this point you start getting frustrated and stop stroking. You tell me to jerk my small penis myself, while you play with your amazing tits. Rubbing my nipples helps me stay hard, so maybe suggest that. In a bitchy way, encourage me to "Stroke my small, soft penis". It's only 2-3 inches when it's soft, so maybe talk about that too. Please mostly use the word penis. No bi or homosexual suggestions.