Cleaning Up Party Balloons For a Friend



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I walk into the room while talking on the phone to my friend. There is balloons scattered around. "Don't worry about it, seriously, I will clean it all up for you. I know you need to work, so I will take care of it. Wow, there are a lot of balloons left, didn't you guys pop any? Didn't you guys have fun? Normally when there's balloons and a party... people are popping balloons! You don't like popping balloons, really? It scares you? So, is that the REAL reason that I am cleaning up after the party for you? Haha!" "Do you have anything that I can pop them with, a pin or anything? Oh, here's a pencil, but maybe I will just creative with popping them." Unlike my friend, I have fun popping the balloons! I bat the balloons in the air with the tip of the pencil to see if they will pop. I pop several quickly right after another. I toss them in the air and strike them hard with the pencil. POP! I press the pencil slowly into the balloons until they burst. I then try to sit pop a balloon. Pop! It was so much fun that of course I need to sit pop a few more! Looking around at all of the popped balloon pieces. Ahhh, I have so much stuff to clean up now. It was a lot of fun though!