Pee accident during cam show


Eva Kay

American / HELL
14:35 min - May 13 - .MP4 - 515.30 MB


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I had to pee badly, but you wanted to do a show with me. So I had to make myself hold it. You notice right off the bat that I am uncomfortable, but I assure you that everything is fine. You think that it almost looks like I have to pee. You ask me to shake my ass and use my hitachi for you. You become almost certain I have to pee. It sure looks like it. I keep telling you I'm ok, but i'm really not. I then start to squirt out liquid that I tell you is me squirting. You don't believe me. The flow gets stronger. I crouch down and begin to pee. You knew I had to pee, yet I keep apologizing as I shamelessly show you my pussy as I pee. I relive myself and won't quit apologizing, though you swear it;s ok. I'm so embarrassed