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Roxy's DICKtation

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250 5.0
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Lindsey Love May 14 2016
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This video was a gem. I highly recommend it if you have a tiny dick and need to be told again how useless it is. If you're not a guy with a tiny dick, this comes as a very comedic and refreshing video. Roxy is extremely hot, sexy, and dominating. LOVED watching this with my boyfriend.

Dr. Roxana Rae is a specialist in small penis's, in fact many men often come to her asking what category their teeny tiny shrimp dick belongs in. Right now you get to see the doctor evaluating pictures of tiny dicks and determining what category their little worms should be placed in. Do you have an inverted penis? how about a micropenis? Dr. Rae will have you questioning your own little dick category....which do you fall under? just when you think you can't be humiliated anymore the doctor will show all you little dick losers some pictures of REAL cocks and discuss all the benefits of being an actual man.