Sex Therapist

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It always happens this way, you get a beautiful woman to go home with you but once she realizes what a tiny pathetic dick you have she leaves and you're left with a deflated ego and a small tiny hard on. You finally can't take it anymore, its causing severe insecurity and anxiety so you have scheduled an appointment with me, a sex therapist to make yourself feel better, except when you get to my office I don't sugar coat the fact that there is nothing I can do for you. No woman will ever fuck you with that 2 incher! The only prescription I can recommend is that you come see me once a week and I'll let you jack that teeny tiny thing off to my body. My hourly rate is ridiculous but you will pay it because you know deep inside this is the best you will ever get and the closest to cumming in the same room with a woman! I don't accept insurance so make sure to bring a lot of cash!